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Mine Warfare Association (MINWARA)

Was established in 1995 as an educational non-profit corporation focused on Naval and Littoral Mine Warfare (MIW).

Our objectives:

  • Conduct education, training, and information sharing activities in order to increase the awareness and understanding in the public at large and within US, allied and partner nation armed forces about the military arts of Mine Warfare and the operational impacts of sea and littoral land mine employment before, during, and after hostilities.
  • Promote the development and application of U.S., allied, and coalition partner offensive and protective mining and mine countermeasures technologies.
  • Recognize and publicize professional excellence and advances in Mine Warfare technologies, capabilities, forces, and leading industries among those who support security of the United States and its allies.
  • Actively seek opportunities to promote liaison and communications amongst the military, industry, and academic communities to further understanding of Mine Warfare forces and capabilities to U.S. and allied national security.
  • Provide focus in the United States and with allies and coalition partners on the development of international protocols that seek to control the spread and proliferation of mines and mine technolgies to countries, factions, and agencies that are indiscriminate and irresponsible in the use of mines and related weapons.
  • Provide a continuing forum on professional matters affecting Mine Warfare capabilities and forces through a variety of means within the professional business, think-tank, and academic communities.
  • Foster and preserve the heritage of the U.S. Mine Warfare capabilities and forces to enhance an appreciation of past contributions and furtue promise in the preservation of national security.
  • Recognize U.S. Mine and Expeditionary Warfare Sailors and Marines as the most valuable Mine Warfare asset and actively pursue opportunities for Mine Warfare esprit de corps and career progression.

For additional information see our By-Laws