2021 USNI & MINWARA Essay Winners

History of the Contest:

In 2012 the Mine Warfare Association leadership approached the U.S. Naval Institute with the idea of sponsoring an essay contest exploring the subject of mine warfare. The Institute was immediately interested in supporting such a program, and agreed to an inaugural essay contest in 2013, with the objective of making it an annual event going forward.

The Challenge:

Address the strategic, operational, and tactical demands for 21st-Century Navy mine warfare, mine countermeasures, explosive ordnance disposal, mining technologies, systems, and platforms.  Examine the promise of autonomous and unmanned vehicles.  Consider the difficulties of delivering capable and affordable solutions to the fleet.

2021 Winners:


Expeditionary Mine Warfare: A New Ingredient for Littoral Power Projection”  
By Colonel Wayne Sinclair, USMC (Ret)


“Naval Mine Warfare: The Times They Are A-changing”  
By Lieutenant Ben Pedersen, USN


“Mine Warfare Revival”  
By Lieutenant Virgil Fermin, USN 


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